People like stuff that changes color. Anything that prompts oohs and ahhs will easily entertain us. Mood rings,
which feature thermochromic crystals that purported to change color based on the wearer's disposition, quickly
became a fad in the 70s and continue to endure to this day. Color-changing couture would return in the 90s with
Hypercolor T-shirts that sounded like a rad idea but fell short of expectation.


MEOKY is banking on our fascination with stuff that goes from one hue to another this holiday with several color
changing cups.

How about some fun color-changing cups? I'm going to put my layered vinyl designs on these 24-ounce color
changing cups and they are seriously the coolest thing ever! Wait till you see what they look like when you add a
cool drink and some ice!

Didn't they turn out so cute? As with most (if not all) of my projects,this would make a great gift for any occasion.
You are also welcome to personalize your cup however you would like. You can add a name, change up the colors,
and add any type of personalization you would like. The ideas are endless! Remember to hand-wash only so that
your cup stays looking brand new for a very long time.

Besides,the material of color changing cups is BPA free.Millions of people around the world will commit to
abstaining from single-use plastic products this month,and while it may sound like a difficult task,we have prepared
some tips that will help you rise to the challenge.